Life Cycle of a Mosquito – How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

July 27, 2020 in Garden
How long do mosquitoes live for?
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How long do mosquitoes live for?”

Well actually not that long, females can live up to a month, and male adult mosquitoes only live for a matter of weeks. But it is not the male mosquitoes that bother us. It is only the female mosquitoes that bite us.

Life Cycle of a Mosquito

The life cycle of a mosquito has four different stages; eggs, larva, pupa and finally adult.


After finding their blood meal the adult females can lay her eggs. The eggs are laid in either stagnant water or areas that are likely to flood. This is the case for all types of mosquitoes, the eggs need water to survive. The eggs join together and make a “raft” floating on the top of the water. It only takes about 48 hours to develop into larva.


The larva remains in the water and will come to the surface to breathe. After the mosquito larva has shed its skin four times, getting bigger and bigger after each shed it develops into the pupa.


This is the resting stage, and is very similar to the butterflies cocoon stage. Within approximately two days the adult mosquito will emerge.


After the mosquito has dried off, by sitting on the top of the water and fanning out its wings it can fly. Two days later the mosquito is ready to mate.

In America, there are four main types of mosquitoes found, and they all have different lifespans.

Different Types of Mosquito

Southern House Mosquito

This mosquito is most common in Florida and can vary from 4 to 4.25 mm in length. The female mosquito is most active at night, so it is best to wear long sleeves and use Deet to control. The female will live up to a month and they are known to overwinter. This means that due to the temperature in sunny Florida they are likely to have mosquitoes year-round. But they are most active in the wetter most humid summer months.

Yellow Fever Mosquito

Can be found in urban areas of South Florida, and in cities along the coasts of Louisiana and Texas. It is a smaller mosquito measuring at about 4-7 millimetres. This mosquito will live for about 2 weeks to a month.

Yellow fever mosquito

House Mosquito

Found in Eastern and Central parts of America and can grow anywhere from 3 – 7 mm long. The common house mosquito will only live for about 15 days and are most active at night.

Asian Tiger Mosquito

These are found again in Florida, Texas and Illinois. They are a small black and white mosquito and 1/4 inch long. This type of mosquito will live for about 3 weeks.

Asian tiger mosquito
How long do mosquitoes live for? Well actually not that long....#mosquito #mosquitoes

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