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Hi, I’m Clare. Welcome to my relocation and family travel blog, Now We Are Home. This is a space where I share our relocation tips and family travel.

We have recently moved from the UK to Florida with our 9 year old son Freddie.

I am an early 40’s something stay at home mum to Freddie, and wife to my best friend Stuart. Who is the reason we are lucky enough to live in Florida.

About me - Now we are Home - Clare and Stuart

As a family we love travelling, and have been to Jamaica, Mauritius, New York and now live in Florida. Just to name a few beautiful places we have been.

We are a really close family, and my stories will nearly always involve Stuart and Freddie. Here they are together:

Now We Are Home - Stuart and Freddie

If you would like to get in contact with me for any reason please follow this link.

About Me

About Me

Now We Are Home

Hi! Welcome to my family travel and relocation blog. We have recently moved from UK to Florida



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